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 Welcome to Melissa's  GSGG Patch and Pin Trade Home Page

Hi  I am a  Brownie  Leader in  Australia.

My  unit  is   called   Lowana  guides  of   Noble Park.

They are  the brownie  unit 7  to  11 year  olds

We  have   18 girls   in my  unit and  their are  4   leader  in the unit.

We  also have  3  Other   units   in  Noble  Park

Then  their is  our  12  to 15 years old  unit  

1st Noble park  with  12 girls  and  2  leaders

Then their  is  our  15  to 18  year  old  unit

Racers Ranger Guides  with  3  girls with  2  leaders

Then  their is our adult Ranger  unit of  about  13 adults  from 18  to 30 years.



I  have  been  a  trader  since 2004

I  wish to  collect all  the Us  Council Patches and  Camp Patches.

My main Trade Is  My Home  Region of   Dandenong Valley























My Home Region Patch

My Main  trade is Dandenong  Valley Region  patch   from  my home   Region Victoria   Australia

look at  my  list  of  another  trade to see what i have to

Flate Girl Guides



hi all

have  sent  4  flates out  i still  have a  few  more

if you    or your troop   would like tone of   our  girl to came  visit  you  let  me  know and  i send  you  one  for a  few  weeks

we are aalso  doing  swaps  so if you l ike to  swap with us let  me  know and i  see  what we  can  do





International Patches I Have



Southern  vancoverer  Island Area

Bristish  Columbia- BC Emblem (stellell's Jay)

Usa Flag

Post Card  Exchange  2005

Gs World  Thinking Day 05
















Send me an e-mail to

Patches For Trade
  • Dandenong Valley   Region  Patch (  all  the   time )

Swap Pacthes


* Guides Victoria - pink heath

* Victorian State Emblem

* Victorian frienship cloth

* Victorian State Standard

* LeadBeadter's Possum  - out of  stock

* Helmeted Honeyeater

* Weedy Seadragon



Link to Girl Guides Victoria